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Why don’t you consider a Monthly Support Agreement?


Network setup and Support

Share the internet, printers, and files from anywhere in your practice with a safe and secure wired or wireless network. We provide on-site setup for your computers, laptops, tablets, servers, printers, phones and fax machines.


PC and Software Installation and Support


We will set-up your computers, laptops, tablets to your wired or wireless network. We will configure software and support it all so that you are able to continue your practice and take care of your patients.


We perform Software and Operating System Support, Updates, Upgrades and Optimization


We will support your EMR and other software as well as support and apply updates to your server, desktop and laptop operating systems. We will also diagnose and fix your software and operating system issues as well as remove viruses and spyware. We will optimize, and protect your computers.


Server Installation, Regular Backups, Restoration and Support


We will install and maintain your server and will apply any software updates (these need to be kept up to date). We will maintain your storage on the server inclusive of backups in the event data restoration is required and more… All of this is done under a guaranteed service level agreement.