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If your practice is:



  • Growing or Transforming
  • Looking to free up space
  • Transitioning to an EMR system


TracMed will assist you with your patient record scanning in an unobtrusive and efficient manner by taking over the time consuming functions and keeping you in control of the process at all times


We will help you digitize your patient records to a secured file server within your practice.


No hidden charges, you’re in complete control


We are able to offer this solution at the lowest cost by installing a high-speed scanner in your office and by training your staff or the dedicated employees of your choice to perform scans on location at a time and pace you find suitable so the paper records never leave your office until you are ready to dispose of them.


Result? – Instant access to and portability of your patient records at an affordable cost


Your digitized files will be indexed in accordance with your provincial policy guidelines and will be available for instant retrieval in your office system or readily available to be merged with an EMR system.


Document Storage and Shredding


TracMed will store your paper files in a dedicated storage space or will shred them at your discretion.