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TracMed operates a Canadian and international HealthIT specific Software Development Team with capability to offer Consulting, Project Management and Software Development services. Such services are intended for Database Design and deployment, Health Information Access Layer (HIAL) related platform building and customization or front-end patient care and reporting systems that will connect with existing HIAL or third party providers such as LABs, Billing Partners and Reporting agencies.


TracMed will provide you with HealthIT integration and customization services based on software products supplied by Microsoft, Oracle or SAP. TracMed is also offering our customers TracMed owned porting, linking, mining and alerting tools to be used by our partners or for work within your project teams providing your own custom enterprise or stand-alone solutions.


TracMed’s local and international Software development team is well versed in popular HealthIT technologies aligned to major software vendors and have deep rooted knowledge in compliance, code building and orchestration for HL7, SONOMED, ICD and other protocol standards.