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TracMed offers to Physicians and Clinics an array of high quality, provincially certified EMR platforms. This enables Physicians and Clinics to choose an EMR platform suitable to their specific practice needs. TracMed will also assist our customers through the entire process required to qualify for EMR/EHR funding provided by provincial health funding programs. This is inclusive of providing hands-on support with completing funding application forms and implementing all necessary procedures, allowing the physician(s) to continue focusing on their patients.


TracMed will also bring you a solid, non-disruptive maintenance support experience that you will require as you continue to take care of your patients. We know that your practice is your business and any downtime will influence your revenues and patients directly.


TracMed’s operating principle is that we work with you as a partner. We are not pushing you towards a single solution. Instead, we bring a Total Technology Support Solution to your organization. TracMed can supply you with the latest computer technologies: tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, and software. This includes all leading software packages for your front office plus a selection of provincially certified and cost efficient EMR solutions with expert customization to suit your business needs. We also provide high value, alternate telephone and fax systems, solid internet connectivity and wireless networks. In addition, we are also equipped to provide peripherals such as printers, scanners, and other equipment at competitive prices.