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Below you will find questions we frequently receive from our customers. If you don’t find answers to your question, please use the form below to send us an email. We will get back to you within 24 hours with answers. Thank you.

Is TRACMED an EMR software company?

No. TRACKMED is a comprehensive project management that mediates and works with both, EMR vendors and Medical Practitioners with the scope of discovering the most suitable EMR solutions for its Medical Clients. TRACMED will assist its medical clients with: initial consultation, current system auditing, EMR system selection data migration, Ontario MD funding application, hardware sourcing and installation and continuous support.

In our clinic, only 2 out of the 3 doctors want to convert to EMR. Can TRACMED still help us?

Yes, TRACMED specializes in medical technology conversions; and are aware that not all doctors will want to convert within a clinic. We are capable to setup EMR in a way where the doctors whom want to use it can; while the ones who don't can continue their traditional paper routine.

We are concerned about using our existing computers and electronics in our clinic with your EMR system. Would you be able to offer us both the software and hardware together as a package?

We are medical technology experts; and have a selection of secure servers, computers, tablets, printers and fax machines available; that are 100% compatible with our EMR system requirements. We have done our research in mating the software to hardware so you don't have to!

There are many EMR providers out there, why should our clinic choose TRACMED?

Our partner AbelMed has been in the medical technology business for over 35 years. Our CEO Guna Deivendran, has assisted in over 100 hospital projects in Ontario. Our team includes doctors and product specialists that are devoted to helping your clinic become more efficient and leave no questions unanswered. Try us, and we will make sure your clinic stays on TRAC no matter what technological obstacles you may encounter. TRACMED is right here for you!

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